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Q. Why can’t I use a Glass Cleaner to clean the LCD display of my desktop or laptop?

A. Many glass cleaner are made with alcohol and ammonia, which can damage LCD screens.  LCD display screens are made of plastic. Windex, (and similar products), will shorten the life of the material that these screens are made of. Computer manufacturers do not recommend alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners. Repeated applications of alcohol can make your screen brittle, and may cause cracking of your screen surface.


Q. What makes  Screen Clean Magic Screen Cleaning Spray different from other screen cleaners?

A.  Screen Clean Magic Screen Cleaning Spray is recognized for its non-damaging, alcohol and ammonia-free formula. With the help of our quality microfiber cloths, our solution lifts dirt and fingerprints, dissolves surface contaminants off the screen surface, and leaves an anti-static coating, which reduces surface friction.


Q. Is the Screen Clean Magic Screen Cleaning Spray compatible with the screen and the screen protectors I use on my cell phone and other electronic devices?

A. Screen Clean Magic Screen Cleaning Spray is 100% safe for cleaning the screen and any externally applied vinyl film screen protectors for your cell phone and other electronic devices. Screen Clean Magic Screen Cleaning Spray will clean your screen without damage and will enhance the smoothness of the surface.


Q. Why do I still see streaks on my screen and how do I remove them?

A. You may see streaks on your display if you have not polished off the Screen Clean Magic Screen Cleaning Spray completely. Screen Clean Magic Screen Cleaning Spray requires a two-step cleaning process. In order to remove the streaks, begin the cleaning process over. 1. Turn off your display and allow it to cool. 2. Spray a liberal amount of the cleaning solution onto one portion of the cloth.. 3. Using light pressure, wipe the screen to evenly distribute the solution on the screen. 4. Rotating the cloth to a dry portion, wipe the screen, using horizontal and vertical strokes until it is dry. You may need to rotate the cloth a second time. Always use light wiping pressure.


Q. Why do I need to use microfiber cloth to clean my screen?

A. Microfiber is a blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon). It is a lightweight and durable material made up of tiny threads that are 100 times thinner than a human hair. Microfiber cloth is safe for virtually every surface and will not scratch or harm anything you use them on. Since the manufacturing process is so specialized, there are a wide variety of microfiber cloths out there. Most will look the same, but performance and longevity will vary. Our cloths will always perform as good or better than any others on the market because of their higher quality. Each cloth that we sell can be washed over and over, and will last a long time.


Q. How do I clean my Microfiber Cloth?

A. Our Microfiber cloths are reusable and easy to clean. Hand wash your cloth with mild detergent or liquid dish soap and warm water, rinse well, and air dry. 


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