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Brushed Suede Microfiber Cloth • 3 Pack

Two is better. Three is best! These high quality suede microfiber cloths do a fantastic job cleaning screens. The material is brushed when manufactured to create millions of edges that catch and trap dust and dirt, leaving a super clean surface on your electronic devices.

High quality plus the perfect size. Measuring 12" x 8”, our brushed suede microfiber cloth is the perfect size for cleaning computer, laptop, tablet and TV screens. It's not too big, not too small. Just right!

Can be used without any cleaner for everyday screen cleaning. For streaky screen film, dirt spots, fingerprints or smudges, use the same suede microfiber cloth with our Screen Cleaning Spray for a clean and shiny screen.

This Brushed Suede Microfiber Cloth is washable, reusable and long lasting, saving on disposable product and cleaners.

Brushed Suede Microfiber Cloth • 3 Pack