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Screen Cleaning Spray Kit • 2oz Travel Pump
Stop looking at those fingerprints and smudges on your screen all day. Make them disappear with Clean Screen Magic!

This 2oz Travel Pump of Clean Screen Magic Spray is the perfect size when you need to clean your devices on the go! Small enough to fit easily in your bag or purse.

Clean Screen Magic Spray will safely clean and polish. Specially formulated to cut through smudges, fingerprints and grime that build up on your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer screen.

Also included are two tight weave microfiber cloths that do an amazing job. Low-lint, scratch and streak free cleaning can be achieved when you use this cloth to clean your screen. The popular 7” x 6” size is ideal for use on your small device screens. Perfect to have with you to keep your cell phone or tablet clean wherever you are. Easy care instructions included.

With no damaging chemicals, Clean Screen Magic Spray can be used confidently to keep all of your electronic devices clean and looking great. Order today!

Screen Cleaning Spray Ki