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Screen Cleaning Spray Kit • 4oz Pump
Stop looking at those fingerprints and smudges on your screen all day. Make them disappear with Clean Screen Magic!

This 4-ounce Pump of Clean Screen Magic Spray is our most popular size to use at home or the office. Plenty of fluid in this bottle to clean your screen over and over.

Clean Screen Magic Spray will safely clean and polish. Specially formulated to cut through smudges, fingerprints and grime that build up on your cell phone, tablet, computer or TV screen.

Also included is a high quality brushed suede microfiber cloth. it works amazingly well on tablet, computer and TV screens. Low-lint, scratch and streak free cleaning can be achieved when used on your display. The material is brushed when manufactured to create millions of edges that catch and trap dust and dirt, leaving a super clean surface.

High quality plus the perfect size. Measuring 12” x 8”, this brushed suede