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Silky Microfiber Cloth • 2 Pack Dark Blue
Two is better than one! These tight weave microfiber cloths do an amazing job cleaning screens. Low-lint, scratch and streak free cleaning can be achieved when you use them to clean your electronic devices.

This popular 7” x 6” size is ideal for use on your small device screens. Perfect to have with you to keep your smart phone or tablet clean.

Can be used without any cleaner for everyday screen cleaning. For streaky screen film, dirt spots, fingerprints or smudges, use the same Silky Microfiber Cloth with our Screen Cleaning Spray for a clean and shiny screen.

These Silky Microfiber Cloths are washable, reusable and long lasting, saving on disposable product and cleaners.

Silky Microfiber Cloth • 2 Pack Dark Blue