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"I am very impressed with Clean Screen Magic. I first tried the cleaning spray on my Android and was amazed at the immediate spotless, clear and shiny result on my very smudged-up screen!  The next day, I pulled it out at work and was surprised again, at my sparkling clean phone. I am a sound technician by day and computer programmer at night so my phone gets quite a beating. The brushed suede cloth worked wonders on my big screen computer monitors as well (I always use two). I’m telling all my tech friends about it!" —B. Carroll



"I’ve started using Clean Screen Magic for all my devices. It works great. The smudges come right off, so I can get back to using my iPad or iPhone with a clear view. The microfiber cloth is big enough for the job, and the screen cleaning solution is nearly odorless." —P. Clinton



"I’m an early-adopter and a gamer, so I have quite a few devices that I use daily. In a short amount of time I was able to clean ALL my portable devices, my TV, AND my iMac. The cloths are great on their own, but really show their versatility when combined with the spray. No streaks. Fast and easy to use. VERY effective. This is a great product!" —T. Hurlbert



"As a writer and editor, I work on my computer night and day. Clean Screen Magic Cleaning Spray worked like a charm! I used it to clean my two large monitors with the brushed suede microfiber cloth (my favorite), and used the smaller silky cloths for my mobile phone (which I will keep in my briefcase at all times). Also, loved the keyboard cleaner as I am a fanatic about keeping my board spotless. Thank you for making this product super easy to use, and small enough to carry around and store at my desk!" —C. Williams



"Clean Screen Magic has worked wonders on all my devices. My iPhone has a tendency to get extremely greasy from my fingers and this magic solution gets all of it off when paired with the microfiber cloth. I have also used it on my MacBook, work Dell laptop, and even my LCD TV screen, and it leaves them all looking brand new. It is a must have for those that like their devices smudge and dust free." —S. Hayden



"I am a stay at home mom with small children, and also run an at home business. I use both my iphone and computer frequently, and have been in great need of a good cleaner. Today I just received my first shipment of Clean Screen Magic. I am so impressed! The product did an outstanding job cleaning my iphone, keyboard and computer screen! My little ones are always playing with my phone, so it’s always dirty. All I had to do was spray some of the Screen Cleaning Spray onto the microfiber cloth. Wipe down my iphone display till dry and it looked good as new. I highly recommend these products to anyone with any type of electronic device that needs cleaning. Its quick, easy to use, and EFFECTIVE!"  —K. Hatch 


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